Simple Scrub for the Spring

I don’t know about you but my hands took a real hit during the transition from winter to spring. While I would LOVE to come to Tranquility Spa every day to experience the best manicures in the valley, my wallet just doesn’t think it’s a great idea. While I still try and get a manicure twice a month, and with the EPIC deals Tranquility sends out each week through email and Facebook I can afford it, I just think that my hands need a little TLC every day. Sometimes lotions just don’t do the trick. We have stumbled upon this great, easy, and cheap scrub that you probably already have in your pantry. All you will need is SUGAR and OLIVE OIL; yes that is all!

Every day when I get out of the shower, do my hair, call my favorite salon to book any appointments needed, I make this simple scrub part of my daily routine. All I do is pour about one to three tablespoons of sugar into one hand. With the empty hand, I pour about one to two tablespoons (equivalent to about a quarter-size drop into the palm of your hand), then I begin to rub the mixture in circular motions in between my hands – but WAIT! Make sure that you are doing this over a sink or bath tub! Don’t need an additional mess to pick up! Anyways, continue to rub your hands together – this really helps with all the dry, dead skin that has added up over the transition of the seasons.

Rinse off and voila! You have unbelievably healthy, soft hands! I am so happy to share these ideas with you. If you really want to add a little something else as you begin to make this scrub part of your routine, try adding a little brown sugar, lemon twists, the possibilities are endless. But WAIT! Don’t forget that sometimes your nails need a little TLC by the professionals. The best cured hands are hands that have been cured by a manicurist! Be sure to let the professionals at Tranquility treat and pamper you, because let’s be honest, you deserve it!

Until next time…


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