Ghoulish Beauty Needs

I don’t k ow about you but we get really excited around here when it comes to the holiday season! And what better way to kick the season off with a scare. Halloween is only two and a half weeks away! Can you believe it? So after you make your trip to the costume store be sure to call and make an appointment for all of your beauty ghoulish needs because you may have the best costume to what really gives it that finishing touch is the hair, nails, and skin!
What can I say… We can help you with that perfect bob for your Flapper costume or get your hair teased just right to walk with the dead! We have appointments available to all of your Halloween Party needs. Just come in a few hours before and we will transform your look for whichever costume needed!
Why would you spend money on an amazing costume and not complete the look? Nails are a great way to add a little zing to your look! Think of rocking 20’s and the beautiful deep red nails… Amazing!!! And what about a witch… Black all the way! And here is the best part… Say that you have two parties or more on different weekends – go with GELS! This way your beautiful nails can last through each event without a scratch!
Got a costume the requires a deep, rich tan? Come in and get an airbrush tan that can change the look of your skin within minutes. May we also suggest that you have your makeup professionally applied. Please be sure to call ahead and let the salon coordinators know that you need make up for a costume and let them know what you are looking for.
As you can see we have everything you need for all of your Halloween Beauty needs! Be sure to call today and book your appointment.
Until next time…


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