Fall Hair Trends


It’s here! It’s finally here – Fall! While the summer months are filled with adventures and backyard barbecues, it’s time to put the umbrellas down, fold up the chairs and remedy your beauty! After a summer of fun, many men and women stare in the mirror and point out all the things that need to be taken care of before the holiday season hits and your wallet becomes bare. So what are you waiting for!? Call today to revamp your look!
Some people love to change their looks according to the change if seasons. Well, there is no better time then now to get started. But please remember, colors must be chosen accordingly to the skin color, the eyes abs the season. So my suggestion, consult with your stylist before choosing anything concrete. And keep in mind… Some of the greatest fall colors include rich reds and deep browns. What a way to turn heads!!! We can also mention that dark colors are usually suitable for any skin tone. They are so trendy and help show youth.
Also, while you are in the salon, why not make an appointment for an manicure and pedicure to add moisture to your dry summer hands. When choosing which color will suit you best, be sure to try oranges, browns, light pinks, and dark reds.
As always, we at Tranquility are ear to help with any of your beauty needs. Call today to book an appointment and be sure to book ahead when leaving as we are already booking up for the holidays!
Until next time…


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