Labor Day Hair Tips

Thank goodness! We made it to Labor Day… I don’t know about you but I have been waiting all summer for this nice three-day weekend! While we will a be attending countless backyard parties, the humid weather may add a little kink into your hairdo. Below are a few simple tips to ensure that you continue looking fabulous all through the night.

Try a humidity hair product!
Our favorite product in the salon is Redken’s Argan-6 Oil. This product is amazing! Omega-6 enriched and aids for intense softness. Or maybe try Redken’s Smooth Down Heat Oil. I have used these over and over when traveling to the beach so my curly hair does not take over!

Braid It Up!
Why worry with the heat? Try a fishtail in a sideswept braid. It’s really simple. Just wash your hair, add a quarter-size amount of conditioner after you get out of the shower, and braid away. The conditioner will aid in flyaways.

Get the Beachy Look!
We have been raving about this look all summer! Simple and looks like you didn’t spend hours in front of a mirror. Redken’s Fresh Curls and Nature’s Rescue line has everything and anything you will need to create this look. After you get out of the shower use the Fresh Curls Curl Refiner from root to end, then add about a quarter-size of Fresh Curls Spring Mousse and apply to your ends. Lastly, spritz your entire head with Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray. Blow dry on low and you are out the door!

We hope that you all have a Happy mans Safe Labor Day Weekend and continue looking fabulous. Until Next Time….


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