4 Tranquil Ways to Beat the Heat

Well, I don’t know about you, but this heat has got the beat of me! I can’t do anything without the heat weighing me down. So I started to think of all the ways that you can beat the heat while enjoying a little rest and relaxation…

Just look in the mirror… I know that the harsh summer months have probably damaged your luscious locks. When we are in the sun and in the pool our hair takes the hardest toll. If you have been noticing that damaged, dry look, chances are the chemicals in chlorine may be the culprit. But have no fear – Tranquility is here!!! Come in for a deep conditioning treatment and this will be sure to help rejuvenate your hair. And may a suggest a little tidbit… Instead of blow drying your hair, ask your stylist to put your hair in a cute fishtail braid or pull it up into a top of the head bun… Sure to turn heads when you walk in he door.

Ahhhh… Nothing eases dry, cracked hands and feet like an amazing manicure and/or pedicure. Come in and we will aid you in claiming back your soft skin. Start off by a light scrub, followed by a hand and foot massage. And with the kids back In school you may be finding a little more “me” time in your schedule. We offer express manis and pedis for those in a rush. All the same – get those hands and feet back to soft form!

Our latest and greatest treatment!!! We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback of our new microdermabrasion treatment. And trust me, the end of the summer is the perfect time to begin your new skin treatments. Get that old dermal layer of skin out and open your pores to the new season! With all of the access sunscreens and lotions that we have been putting on our faces, you may be noticing that you have a few more breakouts than usual. Microdermabrasion can aid your skin to get back to the look you are used to!

After a long summer of wake boarding, laying by the pool and carting the kids to and from the beach you may be a little more sore than you are used to. Come in, beat the heat and let the professionals heal you. We have a large variety of massages to help you with all of your ailments. And we know that after filling out all the back-to-school paperwork you deserve a little time for yourself!

We look forward to aiding you in all of your beauty needs and look forward to seeing you soon! Until next time…


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