Great Summer Looks

With the summer heat turning up we thought that we would gather up some hot summer looks that won’t leave you standing in front of a mirror all day! We want you out and about sharing in good times with great friends so just follow some simple steps below and you are well on your way to the beach or a BBQ!

The Simple Beachy Look
A loose, louche curve in the hair that’s effortlessly cool and made to look effortless. This street-ready style only requires a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron, and raking through the hands to create the right amount of undone-ness. When I get out of the shower I add three pumps of REDKEN Argan Oil and distribute evening through the ends of my hair. Once done, I give a quick rough blow dry and use my flat iron to curl the pieces that need a little more volume. And out you go!

Sophisticated Braids
Create pretty plaits that swoop around the head or create a look that cascades down the right or left side of your neck. Simplicity is the idea here. Creating a look that shows little effort and can turn heads is simple. Add some volumizing cream such as REDKEN Aerate Bodifying Cream Mousse to the scalp and ends of your hair. Bean your hair over and blow dry for added volume. Then arrange the hair to one side of your neck and start braiding to the ends. Wrap with a hair tie or maybe even some twine for a fun summer look.

Bun It Up
And then the easiest look of all… The summer wet bun! Once you get out of the shower… Add some Argan Oil from the scalp to ends. Bend your head over and smooth the hair with a large paddle brush. Once all hair has been smoothed into a pony bring your head upward and get that pony as high as you can without letting your back hair pieces fall. Wrap into a bun and pin extra stray pieces of hair.

Summer hair can be fun and simple with a little bit of patience. But if you still feel like you can’t accomplish these looks on your own, please feel free to come in and book an appointment and let the professionals help you out!! We are here six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

Until next time…




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