Weighing Out the Choices: In-home Color vs. Salon Color

Do-it-yourself hair coloring seems like the easiest and cheapest way to get those gray’s covered up – You simply mix, apply, and rinse. But there are numerous underlying issues with this trend. While the economy may be making you sway towards the cheaper, sometimes its best to just let the professionals do the work. 

Don’t Judge a Box By It’s Color

While the model on the box’s hair is luminous and full of volume – chances are you and the paid model don’t have the same hair type. The color can definitely be misleading, and the color that you choose might seem like the perfect color on the box, but after you apply it, the product could be completely different than what you wanted. 


The Wrong Choice of Color

Think about when you have your consultation before you and your stylist determine the color that you are looking for. Questions like:

• What will look best with your skin tone?

• Do you want to go lighter or darker than your natural hair color?

• What color matches your style?

• Do you like warm colors, cool colors or neutral colors?

All of these important questions play an important roll in determining the perfect color for you. Out stylists have been taught specific formulas and have kept up on the latest in hair coloring classes to determine what works best with each hair type, color, and client. The overall health of the hair follicle also plays an important role. And be advised that not all hair absorbs color evenly, and if you’re not careful, you can end up with splotchy color. YIKES!


Getting to the Root of the Problem

Hot Roots – This is what we call roots that are brighter and more intense than the rest of your hair. This occurs when the whole head of hair is colored, but the roots become over-processed due to the heat from your head. Also, the ends of hair are more porous, and able to absorb more color, which leaves you with bright roots and dark tips over time. This is a VERY common issue we see with those hat come in to fix what they did at home and can be avoided by visiting a salon because they use different types of hair color on the roots and tips to ensure even color. So next time you’re thinking of dyeing your hair at home, consider ditching the box and visiting a salon.


The After Effects

Your hair can become damaged after just one bad coloring mishap. And it isn’t easy gaining the health of your hair back after it gets damaged from this, or other styling tools and treatments. Fortunately, when you go to a salon, the stylists are able to tell you things like if your hair is starting to become damaged, products you can use to help maintain your hair color, and advise you to take a break from using hair treatments on your hair.

You might not be able to spot damaged hair as quickly as a stylist because they’ve been trained to know what to look for, and are educated on how to repair it. Salon stylists can also suggest products to combine to help your hair recover, as well as products to avoid for color-treated hair. 


So consider this a lesson learned. While do-it-yourself kits may seem easier and cheaper, there is more that goes into coloring the hair other than just mixing, applying, and rinsing. The cost of color correction can really hurt your wallet – So put down the box ad give us a call today!

Until next time…


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