Glitz and Glamour

Hello ladies! This is the weekend that we have all been waiting for! After weeks and weeks
of anticipation and sneak peeks the big event is here! The Oscars! And while we will not be
showering the red carpet with our best actress speeches, we will be dying to see all the glitz
and glamour of our favorite Hollywood stars. Ask any girl what they are looking forward too this
weekend, and I promise most of the answers will be, “fashion!” So let’s break down what we
will be looking for so that we can dazzle you the next time you are getting ready for your next
big event!

Our specialty! While most other award shows bring a more cool, calm, and casual look, the
Oscars tend to up the ante just a bit. Looking back, I was always in love with Sandra Bullock’s
soft curls pulled up so softly that it looked so comfortable and glamorous at the same time.
Rule number one ladies – make sure that you are comfortable. Chances are that if you are
uncomfortable, your face will tell the truth. So think simple and remember to stay glamorous. If
you are fortunate enough to have long luscious lock – use it to your advantage and rock it. We
all know and understand how easy soft curls can be to add the special something to any outfit!
Even while accepting the award of a lifetime.


Please, please, please ladies! Don’t forget about your nails, and I mean hands AND toes! So
many times, in all the commotion we tend to forget about the most luxurious part of any event
our nails! Women on the red carpet are no exception. With every person looking at each piece
of the puzzle – could you imagine if they forgot to get their toes or nails painted! Thankfully,
we are here to help you. Tranquility is your one-stop-shop for hair and ALL things beauty.
Before getting your hair done we suggest indulging in a little slice of heaven and savoring those
moments of peace and serenity before the big day begins!

Oh the makeup! How this can make or break the entire look! Most people think that doing their
own makeup is a great way to save money. While this may be true, I ask you to take a step back
and look at professional photos and see if you can determine those that tried to conquer this
task on their own and those that let the professionals enhance their already gorgeous looks. I
promise you will be able to notice the difference. When you are at any event, the lighting and
the atmosphere can all add to factors that can change your natural look, i.e. humidity, cameras,
lights, damp weather, etc. So to help savor your beauty, professional make up artists can only
add to your already beautiful look and use their talents to make it last the entire event!

Be sure to take notes ladies! If you have an important event coming up – let the professionals
at Tranquility Salon and Spa pamper you and get the look that you are achieving. See something
that you like on Sunday afternoon, find that look online and bring in a photo. We can’t wait to
see you… until next time…


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