Deep Down Gorgeous Locks


Have we got a treat for you! From now until March 14, we are offering an amazing $40 special. When you purchase the Valentine’s Special you will receive a regular size Redken Shampoo and Conditioner, a $5 OFF coupon for Argan-Oil, and a free in-salon Deep Conditioning treatment. Continue reading to find out why Deep Conditioning your hair is so important.

Have you been noticing that your hair has become dry and dull through these winter months? You are not alone. The hair follicle sometimes lacks nutrients that allow your hair to appear healthy as possible and shine. By Deep conditioning your hair, the treatment can add those lost nutrients and leave your hair feeling hydrated and conditioned.

If you are one of the many thousands that use heat styling products, expose your hair to extensive color or expose your hair to the elements, deep conditioning may be your answer to restore the integrity of the hairstyle. Conditioning the hair provides a preventative measure to ensure that there is as little damage to the hair as possible through the style. Even if you do not expose your hair to any harsh elements, it is still a good idea to get a treatment. Every little bit helps to extend the life of your hair.

There are many types of hair conditioning treatments which are available. The best and some of the more popular are offered in salons. Clients can visit the salon and take part in an experience of rest and relaxation. The conditioner is applied to the hair, often with a scalp massage to get the blood flowing and further enrich the hydration within the hair – at which point the treatment is left on the hair for a period of time.

Please be sure to call us for an appointment so that we can assist you in restoring your luscious locks! Until next time…


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