Updo Season!

It’s that time of year again – winter formal. Looking your very best is what it’s all about! I must warn you though, please be sure to make an appointment sooner rather than later. I can’t tell you how many young ladies and gents call the day of formal needing their hair done. While we do our very best to try and accommodate, sometimes, we just don’t have an appointment available. So, first things first, don’t wait.

Next, be sure, ladies, to do your homework. And no I don’t mean you Trig homework, I am talking about looking online for examples to bring to your appointmet. While we are the very best at understanding what people are looking for, sometimes its best for you to give us a grander idea for what you are exactly looking for. After all, you can’t do a do-over for your formal. And we want nothing more than for you to be your happiest on your big day. So search around online, and find what you are looking for, and bring in the photo to see how our talented stylists can improve upon your ideas and make heads turn!

And don’t forget about the nails! This goes for you guys too! Make sure to get a manicure before your formal. No girl or boy loves holding hands with those that have dry cracked hands. Just by getting a simple manicure you will take this item off the list. And ladies, don’t forget this is a great option for adding a little zing to your already fabulous ensemble.

Below I have added a few options for you this year. Please feel free to print out these photos and bring them to your appointment. We are waiting to hear from you and can’t wait to be apart of your special day of Winter Formal!


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