Hot New Hair Trends for 2012

While some of you have the option to run out the door with wet hair and have dazzling locks by mid morning, kudos to you. Unfortunately, most of us have to spend a little more time in front of the mirror. On the upside, 2012 is adding a little help for us who want a more easy-going look. Check out the latest styles…



The “Glistening” effect is back! Wet, barely-wrung hair has a youthful innocence that’s also glamorous when paired with bold eyes or lips. To maintain this look, saturate strands with argan oil to arrive at a glossy finish all over or just at the roots.


The Pony

The ponytail is back too. But did it ever fall out of favor? The versatile horsetail can be worn low and flat, tucked under and sectioned off, or super slicked and damp.



The Urban Wave

The beachy wave has given way to the urban bend—a loose, louche curve in the hair that’s effortlessly cool and made to look effortless. The street-ready style only requires a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron, and raking through with the hands to create the right amount of undone-ness.


Embellished Updos

Imaginative, teased chignons secured with cage barrettes, hair pins and errant strands look chic for any social affair. Feathers can make a striking statement with an additive color or pearl-adorned knots can steal the spotlight!


Bigger Blowouts

It’s a return to elegance that doesn’t require much in the way of high-tech tools either. Simply apply a generous amount of mousse, set hair in pin curls, then release and tousle


Sophisticated Braids and Twists

Braids got a graceful makeover for spring. Create pretty plaits that swoop around the head or create a look that cascaded down the full length of the back. Simplicity is the idea here. The idea is to create a look that require little attention.  


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