Real Control – Grasping Your Out-of-Control Hair

I don’t know about you but I have been having the hardest time keeping moisture in my hair. I know that a lot of it is weather related and now that we are having this heat wave – my hair is just so darn dry! As I always keep a back-up of products under the sink I started searching for my options. And yes! I found it – my complete line of Real Control  from Redken.

Real Control by Redken is designed to nourish dry, dense, sensitized hair. Now formulated with Redken’s exclusive Interlock Protein Network, Real Control shampoo gently cleanses and provides even more moisture.

After washing my hair twice, I followed with using the Real Control Conditioner. This conditioner is one of our favs as it intensely moisturizes, helps repairs dense hair, and helps to detangle your hair!

Now, I understand how most of you really shutter at the thought of buying professional aid products, and trust me I understand. But in the long run your hair will turn out for the better. So when your stylists refer you to some styling aids, pay attention. Most products use very little for one application, and I guarantee that most of these will also last for months before having to purchase more.

My favorite styling aid in this line is the Thermal Resist.  This lightweight leave-in spray instantly detangles, repairs and conditions heat-damaged hair. The spray also helps defend hair against additional heat damage – leaving hair looking and feeling strong, healthy and revived

And if you still want the most out of this line – may I suggest trying the Real Control Overnight Treat. This night treatment renews and repairs as you catch up on those much needed Zzzzz.  The best part is that is absorbs instantly so the product will not transfer to your pillows or sheets. Most awake from their beauty rest to resorted, shiny hair.




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