Quick and Easy Holiday Hair

Well hello all you hair and skin fans! As the holidays are right around the corner, it is time for a quick lesson in holiday hair. As the clock ticks down, some of you may be wondering what or when you will have time to beautify yourself. But never fear! There are some quick ideas that will make all of your friends and family look at you and wonder how you accomplish it all!

The Next Day Do

My favorite! I suggest this simple do for any woman on-the-go to grandmother’s house you go. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse your hair on Christmas Eve. I even make sure to repeat my wash for this day. First cleanse your hair as you normally would, then add to the Lather Effect by repeating your shampoo step. Have any of you ever noticed that when you do repeat your wash that there are more suds? This is the Lather Effect. Your clean hair is being cleansed once more and you achieve a total all around cleanse. Dry as normal and off you go. For the next day, Christmas, all you need to do is re-blow dry your style and your hair will look even more amazing on Christmas! This way while all the kids are playing with their new toys you can sit back and enjoy these timeless memories without stressing about your do!

The Simple Curl

Just an additive to the first step. Instead of re-blow drying your locks, try reaching for your curling iron. Take your hair into sections, starting at the nap of your neck, then curl. Repeat until your entire head is full of luminous looking curls! You will make all your guest’s envious!

Add a Little Powder

I know that some of you may be asking, “But what if my hair is too oily the following day?” Don’t worry there are two simple remedies that can cure this… baby powder or dry shampoo. While most of you probably have baby powder in your household cupboards, dry shampoo tends to work a little bit more. Just apply either your baby powder or dry shampoo to your hands and evenly disburse between your ends and scalp.

Call the Professionals!

But wait! If you are really not looking forward to worrying about your hair, we are open on Christmas Eve until 1 p.m. Appointments are still available but I am sure that they won’t be for long so be sure to call today to book your appointment!

From the staff at Tranquility Salon and Spa we wish you and your family a VERY happy holiday season.

Until next time…


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