Srub-A-Dub! Thanks for the Fall Glow!

Yes ladies (and gentlemen!) it’s that time of year when your face begins to feel a little filmy and maybe even somewhat grimy! While some may choose to waist time with over-the-counter creams and scrubs, why not use this time wisely to treat yourself and cure your fall-washed skin. Yes – it’s time for your fall facial. Your typical facial consists of four simple procedures: cleansing, steaming, moisturizing and extracting. So, lets begin.


Ahh… my most favorite and relaxing part of any facial! While you lay there and try to calm your mind of the day-to-day worries, the steam awakens the skin to start bringing out the toxins that your dermal layer may be holding onto under the surface. The steam opens up the pores so that your skin can cleanse as thoroughly as possible. 


Although you may have an in-detail routine with the way in which you cleanse your face, you may be leaving behind impurities that are aiding grim to grow on your face. Just think about all of the pollutants that your face encounters: sneezing, rubbing, cell phones, etc. Having a facial will help you get an even deeper cleanse than what you are used to obtaining daily.


Yes, this must be done to fully cleanse the face of impurities. Most people are nervous of the pain level of extracting, but I assure you that this process is quite painless. Depending on the extent of white and black heads, the esthetician will perform extractions to rid your skin of what it may be holding onto.


Crucial to any facial, moisturizing helps to rejuvenate the skin. During the fall months, humidity levels lower and can create dryness to any part of your body. You may be noticing that your skin always seems dryer  during the month of November. Just like putting extra lotion on your body, your face needs deep moisturizing to help balance out the skin.

So what are your waiting for? Appointments are available today with a well trained esthetician who can assist you with all of your facial needs! Until next time…


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