Fall Nail Color

Well its official, fall has arrived. What better way to welcome the autumn weather than to treat yourself to a mani and pedi to nourish those dry hands. While getting your hands and feet treated is always the relaxing part – choosing the color can sometimes be an issue. And don’t get me wrong you all look fabulous when you step out of our salon, but perfecting your fall color pallet can be helpful. As much as I love the neon colors of summer – I must force myself to stay away from them for fall and winter. Below lists some colors that work best for the fall season.

 Dark/Burnt Red

Who doesn’t love red? What better way to make a statement of a powerful woman than having strong red nail polish? Something about this color just makes me think – wow, that girl has got it. For the fall though, try to stick with a more burnt red color than your classic Christmas red. Sticking to this darker hue will blend quite well with the changing leaves, and your rocking hot new outfit in fall colors of brown and orange.

Metallic Glam Rock

Yes ladies it’s that time again to bring out the metallic and gold glitter. Fall is the perfect time to add these hot colors to your nails! Perfect for a little spice on a windy, fall night out on the town. The loud effects of metallic can add just what you are looking for. Try to stick to bronze and gold metallic. Metallics are just right to pair with army green and blacks.


There is nothing more romantic than mauve. This color can help add to most hand accessories – rings, bracelets, etc. Great for a weekend getaway with your beau or would also be perfect for a toned-down look at a wedding or holiday event. Mauve creates the idea that this girl has got it going on and at the same time does it with class and ease.

Army Green

My favorite for fall! If you are one that generally goes for purples and teals during the summer, army green will be the perfect fit for your inner wild child! Just because the summer is over, doesn’t mean you need to stop having fun with your nail colors. Army green can be the perfect choice for those that enjoy spending nights downtown and even for those just looking for a little fun when the sun goes down. This color only accentuates your gold jewelry!

Have fun ladies! Stay tuned for next week’s blog – Benefits of the Fall Facial…

Until next time…


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