Braids – The Go-To for Fall Fashion

As the hot summer nights fade and the cool autumn air comes to, many of you may be noticing that your hair is in need of a little kick for fall. Before you begin to stare aimlessly into the mirror, take a moment and remember one simple word – Braids. Now I know that some of you may be a little worrisome about the simple braid, I assure you that you can easily turn a simple, plain do into a head-turning masterpiece.

The Simple Braid

After a simple rough blowout, section your hair into three sections are the base of your neck. Take the right piece and fold over the middle section, then take the left section and fold over the new middle section. Repeat until the hair is completed braided and tie off with a simple band. Or to really add that fall look consider tying with the simple band and tie over a piece of twine.

The Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is a simple style made by twisting the hair together. Simply put, it is a two strand braid that is the same concept as the common braid. Separate the section of hair from the outside edge toward the underside of the left section of hair. Make sure that you use thin sections. Then continue to piece together the two until the braid is complete. This style looks amazing as a side braid and a little messy.

The Crown Braid

Noticeably made popular by such reality stars as Lauren Conrad and musicians such as Fergie, the crown braid adds just enough zest for a night out on the town. While this takes a little more patience, any person can complete this look. About an inch from your forehead, create a part across you head from ear to ear.  Pull back the access hair tightly leaving out the ear-to-ear part.  Take the strand and divide it into three sections. The one of the outer sections and put it under the middle section.  Grab the other out section and fold it over the new middle section. Take the outer section you’ve started with and add some hair. And repeat the braid process. When the braid is complete, take a bobby pin and tuck the access piece behind your ear. And there you have it!

I told you that fall looks are easier than you thought! Stay tuned for next week’s tutorial – Fall Nail Colors!


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