Sunscreen All Year Around!

Did you know that sun rays can be damaging all year around, even when it’s not 110 degrees outside?  Sun damage will lead to age spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer  this can happen  even on a cloudy day!  Stay protected by using a daily SPF with antioxidants.  Studies have shown that antioxidants can protect the skin from harmful UV rays on an internal level.  So go ahead and fill up on those blueberries!  When picking a sunscreen remember sometimes less is more, a SPF of 25 or 30 is sufficient protection.  Anything higher is just extra chemicals.  Try Jan Marini’s daily SPF 30 antioxidant cream.  It is light weight, easy to wear and even smells delicious! Don’t  forget to apply the back of your hands too!  Try rubbing the excess from your face on the tops of your hands, it like a little extra bonus! 

Look  forward to seeing you in the salon!  Book yourself a Facial… Your skin will thank you!


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