Be You Be Flawless

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Imagine combining the power of breakthrough science and research with amazing product systems designed to let you live at your full healthy and youthful potential. That’s exactly what we have! With cutting edge products like, Instantly Ageless we are dedicated to help you live a youthful life regardless of your age. It redefines youth by focusing on the longevity and renewal of life at the cellular level.

This is a unique product line that’s been designed to reduce aging signs in as little as 5 minutes. The product line is available in different forms, helping you to choose what works for you.

But how does it work?

The product is designed to have an instant effect on the skin. Like botox in a bottle some might swear you’ve had cosmetic surgery as this mimics the benefits of a complex and costly procedure. Once you apply the product on the face, you will instantly experience an improvement in appearance, with fewer wrinkles, less fine lines around the lips, reduction of sagging and no crow’s feet & dark circles around the eyes.

Most customers who have tried Jeunesse products were extremely happy with the results and outlined one or many of the facial aspects where they noticed an improvement.

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A Little Spring Glow

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While the summer months are upon us, some may not be so ready to put the shorts on! If you are like me, you may be wondering why your legs look more like white leggings and the though of showing off those legs without a little color is somewhat terrifying. Plus we all look a little more glam with a slight glow… Thankfully, I know just the place to go to add some color within 10 minutes. No need to spend countless hours in the sun, plus we all know how harmful sun rays and tanning beds can be. Why not just play it safe? Schedule an appointment for an Airbrush Tan at Tranquility Salon and Spa today!

Quick, easy, convenient, and safe – Airbrush Tanning gives you fast results without exposing yourself to harmful rays. Growing in popularity, airbrush tanning is sweeping across the nation and people look fantastic. Imagine acquiring that perfect tan within a few hours versus laying by the pool for weeks on end.

Nearly all self-tanners contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, DHA is the safest, most effective ingredient in sunless tanning. DHA is an absolutely safe and user-friendly product and has been in the industrial use for cosmetic manufacturing for more than three decades

Tranquility Salon and Spa is happy to announce that we happily use the Colour Couture airbrush tanning solution. This formula is famous for smelling great, fast-drying application and leaving your skin looking and feeling great! And no – you will not be walking around looking like Snooki or any other members of the Jersey Shore. Their base or organic aloe vera gel helps to sooth the skin and enabling the active ingredients to adhere to ensure and even, streak-free tan

So, what are you waiting for! Call today to book an appointment with any of our certified technicians and you can be walking around looking like a golden god or goddess. Also, be sure to ask our salon coordinators about the before airbrush prep to ensure the most out of your tan!

Until next time…

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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Yes ladies and gentlemen the day has almost arrived – Mothers Day! Did you know that it is this weekend? Yes! I don’t know about you but I always struggle with trying to find the perfect gift for my mom… I always try to find the most unique gift I can find, but the problem is that time just always seems to get away from me. And here we are, four days away and still… Nothing! But don’t worry – sometimes mom just needs a little R&R! Let the professionals at Tranquility Salon and Spa pamper your mom this Mothers Day!

Well there is not much to think about here. If your mothers are anything like mine all she needs to do is relax. Between getting all the house chores done, making sure all the kids are dropped off at practice and picked up on time, crushing all deadlines at work – sheesh! I just don’t know how she does it! Getting your mom this Mothers Day a gift card for a relaxing one hour massage just may make her heart melt!

Taaaa-Daaa!!! Uh I know that my face needs a little extra kick right now! Between the weather not making up its mind – hot then cold then cold then hot – the weather is really taking a number on my skin! So I know this Mothers Day I am begging my family to consider a facial gift card. I could really use the extra moisturizing to help this face brighten in time for the umber months!

Manis and Pedis
Who doesn’t love to express their wild side by choosing the hottest in spring nail trends? Your mother is no different. While moms are bust between work, kids and keeping a family afloat she still needs to look stylish!! A simple mani and/or pedi will do just the trick. Be sure to stop in a get the gift that all mothers love!

Ahhhh…. Nothing says oh-la-la like a fresh color and blow out. I know that when I am at my most exhausted point I don’t always look 100%, but if my hair looks amazing – well than that is half the battle! Be sure to book an appointment with one of our many talented stylists that will turn your mom from looking overwhelmed to a runway hit!

It really comes down to this: Mothers are the most important things in our lives. without our mothers none of us would be where we are today. Be sure to get the gift of beauty this Mothers Day with a Tranquility Salon and Spa gift card. You can get your gift card for any value amount or service. Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing moms out there.

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Spring Colors to Brighten Your Look

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Ahhhhh… the joys of Spring! It’s time to put those browns and deeps reds away and show off some color on your nails and toes! Below are just a few examples of the very latest and greatest for the Spring!

Pale Blue


Some consider this color Robin’s Egg blue, but I like to think of this hue as slightly-cloudy sky blue. Exactly the type of weather that is typical for spring, right? And while these blue hues may fall into the dainty pastel category, the opaque formulas make them seriously striking after just one coat. 



If you buy one color this spring make it a nude. Before you brush it off as the boring tint your Aunt still wears, hear this: Barely-there lacquers dominated Fashion Week and award season like never before, and no one is calling these new shades dull. These are about as bold as neutrals go — eye-catching, opaque, and some even have shimmer. 



Girlie girls and prepsters rejoice: Barbie Doll pink is back in a big way. So big, in fact, that Dior released an entire spring nail polish collection that is a rainbow of rosy lacquers. These extreme bubble gum pinks have so much girl power, you might find yourself humming (like I did) Beyonce’s “Run The World (GIRLS!)” while painting. 



The one bold standout in spring’s sea of Easter-esque hues? Cobalt. It seems everyone (myself included) didn’t get enough of the cooler-than-cool blue last fall, so the genius minds behind the spring nail polish collections decided to keep it going strong for another season.

So be sure to stop what you are doing and head on over to Tranquility Salon and Spa where our talented nail care technicians can assist you in obtaining Springs hottest trends!

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Getting the Most Out of Your Appointment

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I know with all the busy schedules of picking up the kids at school, taking them to practice, picking them up at practice, homework, laundry, AHHH! It can be just too overwhelming. But, the good news is that you can come to Tranquility and get just what you need – a little “Me” time! Yes you deserve it – Moms and Dads alike. Below are a few suggestions to get the most out of your appointment and feel all that there is to experience during this hour to two hours to yourself!

Time. Trust me! I get it. Being on time is not always the easiest, especially when you plan out your day perfectly and things go wrong. But this is very important for you. The consultation is the most important part of your appointment and if you are running late – this is the first thing that can be cut. Your consultation is the time that you can sit and discuss with your stylist what you love, hate, and want to change about your looks. This needs to be happening in front of a mirror and not while you are running to the shampoo bowl and in between you trying to relax. So be sure to set aside a few extra minutes in your schedule to ensure that you are on-time.

Vision. Always be sure to know what you want. I would suggest that you start thinking about what you want out of your hair the day before. If you are looking for a big change, try and go through some magazines and have a visual for your stylist. Remember there are 100s of different shades of brown. Your “brown” may be completely different than your stylist’s “brown.”

Reflect. Remember, it is okay to communicate with your stylist about your likes and dislikes of your last appointment. Were your bands cut too short? Did you think that your cut didn’t help your face frame? WE understand that you have your own personal preference so if there is something that needs to be changed remember, you are paying for this service and we are here to make you satisfied. Talk about those details with your stylist so he/she can grasp where to go next.

Reality. This is always important. Know you and know your hair. You are the one that knows the ins and outs of your hair. You know what makes it tick. Trust me, I am forever grateful of my childhood hairstylist that knew I had too thick of hair to have a perm like all the other girls at my school. I would have looked like Bozo the Clown! So if you or your stylist are looking to do something that you know you will not have enough time to do in the morning and will add more stress to your daily routines – DON’T DO IT!!!

Which brings me to my last point…

Trust. Trust that your stylist is completely qualified and knows that they are talking about. If you have jet black hair and want to be platinum blonde, trust when your stylist says that it can’t be done overnight due to the damage it would cause. Understand that you are in good hands and we want nothing more to make you feel even more beautiful than you already are!

Until next time…

Simple Scrub for the Spring

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I don’t know about you but my hands took a real hit during the transition from winter to spring. While I would LOVE to come to Tranquility Spa every day to experience the best manicures in the valley, my wallet just doesn’t think it’s a great idea. While I still try and get a manicure twice a month, and with the EPIC deals Tranquility sends out each week through email and Facebook I can afford it, I just think that my hands need a little TLC every day. Sometimes lotions just don’t do the trick. We have stumbled upon this great, easy, and cheap scrub that you probably already have in your pantry. All you will need is SUGAR and OLIVE OIL; yes that is all!

Every day when I get out of the shower, do my hair, call my favorite salon to book any appointments needed, I make this simple scrub part of my daily routine. All I do is pour about one to three tablespoons of sugar into one hand. With the empty hand, I pour about one to two tablespoons (equivalent to about a quarter-size drop into the palm of your hand), then I begin to rub the mixture in circular motions in between my hands – but WAIT! Make sure that you are doing this over a sink or bath tub! Don’t need an additional mess to pick up! Anyways, continue to rub your hands together – this really helps with all the dry, dead skin that has added up over the transition of the seasons.

Rinse off and voila! You have unbelievably healthy, soft hands! I am so happy to share these ideas with you. If you really want to add a little something else as you begin to make this scrub part of your routine, try adding a little brown sugar, lemon twists, the possibilities are endless. But WAIT! Don’t forget that sometimes your nails need a little TLC by the professionals. The best cured hands are hands that have been cured by a manicurist! Be sure to let the professionals at Tranquility treat and pamper you, because let’s be honest, you deserve it!

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Creating the Perfect Blow Out

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Lots of requests for a very basic blow out. Here’s your step by step!

On wet hair, spray leave-in conditioner or detangler so that you’re not ripping at your hair as you brush it out. Always best to apply leave-in or detangler right out of the shower, before the hair starts to air dry. Spraying it on air dried hair may cause the hair to feel sticky in the long run.

2. Like I always say, blow your bangs/fringe section out FIRST. The sooner you blow this out, the more control you’ll have over parting and cowlicks. People always tell me how much difficulty they’ve had with this section, and once they’ve tried blowing it out while it’s totally wet, everything changes. The wetter the better when it comes to the very front section of your hair, or any uncontrollable cowlick for that matter. You want to stretch the hair from left to right while blowing it out. That will give you the most flexibility with your part. Your nozzle should be ON!

3. Once you’ve tamed the front section, let the rest down and take a little moisture out, but not too much because it will end up dry in some places and wet in others. Try to keep the dryer moving and do your best to keep the hair evenly damp.

4. Now apply a frizz tamer, argan oil, or protective serum.. I like to apply this after I rough dry. The hair needs more protection and smoothing when there’s direct brush and blow dryer contact. If you put it in before this, it may not be as helpful. You don’t need a lot! Just a little applied from the middle of your hair to the ends.

5. Next move to the back. Pull the sections around as you dry. Stretching them will help smooth them. Brushes with lots of natural bristles are great for smoothing because they grab the hair and get lots of tension. Always turn your head to the side when blowing out the back. It’s easier on your arms and you get more access to the root area which is important in the back sections. Work your way up, section by section, until you reach the top/back.

6. Then you’re on to the sides. Divide the left and right sections and clip them up. The most important thing on the sides is getting even tension. Make sure the hair is lying evenly on the brushOnce the hair starts drying and developing its own wave, you need to wet it a little or you’ll just end up with more frizz. Stop for knots! Comb them out nicely or bad things can happen!

7. After you’ve blown your hair out entirely, go back through and handle the fly aways! My favorite technique for that is blowing all the little hairs underneath the big hairs. In other words, using your blow dryer with the nozzle attached, push the little hairs underneath the longer heavy hairs. The longer heavy hairs will sit on top of the little hairs and weigh them down! It’s my favorite trick and works so much better than loading the top of your head with hairspray.

8. After you’ve gotten dressed and the hair has cooled, the fly aways should be tamed. Now go back in, take off the nozzle, flip your head over and “stir it up”. This gives you a more natural, piece-y look and keeps it from looking too done.

Until next time…